Sew on VELCRO® Brand Touch Tape

Product Code: VEL
  • Width:   20mm and 25mm – small stock of 16mm and 50mm still available (please check with our staff)
  • Minimum purchase quantity: 1 roll = 25 metres
  • Coloured tape can be ordered – see colour card (please check minimum quantity and lead time with our staff)
  • Colours in image(s) may vary from actual colour!

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General care instructions

VELCRO® brand fasteners are made of nylon (with the exception of polyester or specific, “specialty” product range), making them completely washable, dry cleanable and virtually unbreakable. Under normal conditions, they will easily outlast the life of the garment or article to which they are applied.

However, a minimal amount of care is required, and the following points should be remembered:

  • Treat as you would any other synthetic fastener or material
  • When laundering or dry cleaning it is important to ensure, that the fastener is closed to avoid a lint build-up and snagging. However, should you forget, the hook portion of the fastener can be cleaned with a stiff brush or another piece of hook tape
  • To iron, set for nylon and keep the fasteners in a closed position