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Ribbons for festive decorations & invitations

Enhance your invitations or table decorations with some beautiful ribbons for Centre pieces or on name cards/invitations!
We can offer an extensive range to suit. Check out our great ribbons section:


Brooches & Buckles

Greenfields is offering a HUGE range of metal and Diamonte accessories to give your dress that special bling.

We have sparkly decorative metal buckles – diamonte metal buckles !

If you need something a bit heavier to add the finishing touches to wrapped up invite with a lot of sparkle – have a look at our diamonte buckles & accessories

We also have a very large selection of brooches of all different shapes and sizes both with or without diamontes. Flowers, geometrical – you name it we have it. All of these brooches have a minimum order quantity of 1 so they are perfect for adding that special touch. Check them out here!


Fabrics for Drapes, Backdrops and Chair Covers & Bows

Looking for something to make your event look that little bit nicer? A layer of fabric in the right place can make all the difference!
We stock a huge range of fabrics ideally suited to use at your next event.

If you are looking for a qualtity fabric for chair covers, you could try a few of our knitted fabrics. Check out our Mechanical Stretch or Knit Jersey.
Alternatively, if you would like the shiny look on your chair – try our Poly Shamuse or Poly Satin  fabrics

To give the table a bit of shine or make a nice organza bow around your chair we have a number of great organzas for you to try in various widths. Check our  Crystal Organza, Poly Organza or Nylon Organza.
For something really different and for that WOW effect try out new Patent Plastic – light enough for a table covering but a great effect!

rapes or canopies will add an extra special effect to any event. We carry a wide range of suitable fabrics. High Multi Chiffon is light, transparent and has a good flow effect. Alternatively  a heavier weight cotton – for a more a solid look without being too heavy to drape.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about these or any other fabrics. Please note: None of our fabrics are fire retardant, however we can direct you where this can be done!